5 Tips on How to go From Living at Home to Sharing a Flat with Housemates at Uni



1. Get your student cards

Going to Uni means you are eligible for all types of discounts. For example, these include the NUS card or your actual Uni card, which will give you discounts for hundreds of shops, as well as restaurants and takeaways (My housemates and I could never resist 25% off of dominos after a night out!).


2. Sign-up to student websites

This includes websites such as Student Beans and UNiDAYS, they offer discounts that are only available on their websites where you may not be able to use an NUS card. They send emails with current discounts so you don’t miss out!


3. Bulk buy

When doing your food shopping it is a great idea to buy in bulk. You will see that by buying food and even other necessities such as shampoo or toilet roll, the bigger the packet you buy, the cheaper the unit price is. In the long-run it will really help you out.




4. Bulk cook

Likewise if you cook in bulk it will also save you from wasting food and therefore wasting money. For example, if I was making pasta for dinner, I’d do double the amount and use the whole jar of pasta sauce. This meant I could have it for dinner and lunch the next day. This prevents throwing away a half-full jar and also saves cooking the next day! 



5. Share costs with housemates

Instead of each of you buying things separately and then running out until the next person buys it, you could share costs with housemates. I used to bulk buy on all the boring stuff like cleaning products, toilet roll, hand soap etc and split the costs. This will save you time, money and effort as you won’t need to keep re-buying all the time!


Written by Holly Gunns


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