5 Ways to Handle Pressure at University



Whilst at university it can be really easy to fall into peer pressure of going out every night or feeling like you have to be with your friends at all times (in case you get major FOMO). But dedicating even an hour a day to mindfulness can seriously help you handle the pressures that university may bring.

Mindfulness is about focusing and relaxing the mind, which can be done in many ways. Meditating, taking a bath, lighting candles etc. are all fast and effective ways to chill yourself out.





Don’t over work yourself

Everyone is at university for the same reason- to get a degree, and you’re only at university once, so it is important to work your hardest and get that 2:1 that you deserve. However, working every hour of the day and sipping coffee instead of sleeping is not the way to do it. Overworking yourself is not effective and will not get you the results that you would otherwise get if you get good sleep and look after yourself. Everybody needs a break sometimes!


Manage your time

This one kind of comes hand in hand with not over working yourself. If you can manage your time wisely, you will find yourself being able to handle the pressure way better. Don’t start your essay before it’s due- start weeks before and plan what you’re going to write and when. If you have an exam, make sure you create a timetable for weeks before so you can get in some effect revision time. If you schedule in when you’re going to do work every day you will be able to also dedicate time to mindfulness, going out with your friends and other hobbies you may enjoy without feeling guilty. No one wants to be staying in the library until silly o’clock in the morning to get that final deadline completed!


Stop comparing yourself to others

Just because your flatmate works every hour of the day, or your course mate goes out every night and still gets 1st in every assignment, it doesn’t have to reflect anything about you. Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you and just focus on yourself! Don’t worry if people are getting higher grades than you, or people are making you feel guilty about not having started the essay when they did. Just go at your own pace and believe in yourself, after all, there is only one of you!


Don’t be afraid to talk to someone

If you are feeling like the pressure is getting too much and are struggling to cope, talk to someone! Every single student at university will experience stressful times because after all, nothing worth having comes easy! But whatever happens do not bottle it up. Talk to your friends, they are all in the same boat as you and it’s always good to talk to someone who understands. If not talk to a family member, a tutor, lecturer, alumni, or anyone in your student services team. Never feel like you have to go through it alone- a problem shared is a problem halved!



Written by Holly Gunns


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