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You’ve just mapped out your career path and decided to take action and apply for an apprenticeship in your chosen field; you’re so excited you can barely wait to start working. Remember, in order to reach your goal there are many steps along the way, with great anticipation you’re accepted and offered the role of an apprentice. What does this actually mean? This means that you will be learning on the job, this is an opportunity to get a hand on experience of the job you will be doing in the future. A direct path to your chosen career, you will be working alongside a senior or supervisor who knows the job and by the end of the apprenticeship you will have gained valuable experience and understanding of your chosen field. Depending on the length of the apprenticeship you may be ready to take on the role and settle into your career. The duration of an apprenticeship can vary, depending on your contract some are 3 months, 6 months or 12 months even 24 months this will all depend on your contract. Some decide to study alongside being an apprentice going into college once a week others stick to the on-the job training until they are experienced enough to work. Either way apprenticeship is the best alternative to gaining valuable skills and experience in your chosen career. Let’s dive into what you can expect in a day of an apprentice.


Why did I choose to do an apprenticeship?

I did 3 months apprenticeship Human Resources Assistant during the summer holidays after I finished my second year of Uni. I was studying BSc Psychology with Human Resources and was at a very crucial point in my studies, my final year was fast approaching and I had to make a decision. I had to make a choice which field I wanted to work in as psychology was my major but deep down I was more interested in working in Human Resources. My second year was over and I had to make a decision, I didn’t want to leave it to chance so I applied for a 3 months apprenticeship and was given the opportunity to work as a HR Assistant.


What was my typical day like?

Each week, I started work at 9 am and finished around 4 pm Monday to Friday, with one hour break. The job was quite flexible yet required commitment. I woke up early each day to be on time and ready for work. When I first arrived in the office I set up and turn on my computer, I used CRM system (customer relationship management) and other social media sites. I had to make sure everything I needed was open on my screen to enable me to carry out my daily task. I had CV’s and application forms to complete. Also a nice cup of coffee to keep me going for the day. I had to also get on the telephone to call customers about opened vacancies and leave a message if they were not available. Post jobs on reed.co.uk and write job descriptions. On ad hoc basis I did some admin work and had some face to face interaction with clients and helped with enquires. This was a full on experience of what my chosen career entails.


What did I enjoy most about my apprenticeship?

What I enjoyed the most about my apprenticeship was the experience and understanding I gained, I also found out my likes and dislikes about my chosen field. HR has many functions and the area I was actually excited about was not what I had initially imagined. I did an internship on the sales side of HR with the experience I gained I now became fully aware that I did not enjoy the sales side of things and I am more into the resourcing side of HR. I feel that without this apprenticeship there was no way I could’ve deciphered this going forward early in my journey, had I skipped gaining some experience I would’ve ended up dissatisfied years down the line with a job I did not enjoy. The apprenticeship opened the door for me understand and find out what I really wanted to know and in turn directed my focus on what I would enjoy.


Would I recommend an apprenticeship?

Highly recommend taking on an apprenticeship, the experience is priceless and valuable. For some apprenticeships helps them to secure their future jobs and for others they gain experience or awareness of what area of work they enjoy or would enjoy. Either way apprenticeship is the best platform for making and gaining practical experience employers want and value in employees

In conclusion apprenticeships are great and can be rewarding to those who take this route. You can work and study at the same time depending on your field of work. If you haven’t considered taking an apprenticeship or if your studies do not allow you to work alongside your course then maybe you can plan and take up short intern during the summer holidays so you can get a feel of what your chosen field entails, this way you can make an informed decision moving forward.


Written By Shereena Badu




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