A Day in the Life of an Intern


No matter how many internships you are successful in or how many you have to come, it is important to note that two internships do not have to be the same (even if the companies are similar).

The first day as an intern can be daunting; you may be afraid, nervous or even confident! Most times you do not know what to expect from your chosen internship or you may expect one thing and it actually turns out to be another thing.

Personally, not every internship may run like this but this is an outline of what it is like to be an intern:

Depending on your intern position, you will probably have to be in at 9am and after a briefing you get right into work! The task(s) you are given will always vary depending on the internship you have applied for but the day is most likely to be the same (this does not mean it might not be different).

Being an intern means you get to experience a lot of different things and it will always be an amazing experience where you will grow as a person and pick up new skills. You are very involved with what is happening regarding your department and you can voice your opinions. Also, whatever work you do for the company is in your name and can therefore be used as a referencing point for other job interviews you may have in the future.

Being an intern may be hard because you are most likely to get a lot of workload but it is worthwhile in the long run and you also learn a lot about yourself as an individual, for example it made me realise I am not a big fan of office work.

It is most likely going to be 9am to 5am but only three times a week and it is more than enough to have a lot of fun!

Internships may seem overwhelming but they are really not and there is so much to gain from it.



Written By Lara Owolabi


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