Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves access to high quality, affordable skills and employability training in order to help them secure their dream job, start their careers successfully, climb the career ladder and prosper.

In order to help us achieve this vision we provide students and graduates with our unique blend of specialist, cost-effective learning solutions. We offer corporate training in video format, helping to produce work ready graduates.

Bridging the Skills Gap

At Work Ready we believe everyone should have an equal chance at succeeding in life. In order to achieve this vision we aim to close the skills gap in the market place by engaging students and graduates with our unique blend of specialist, cost-effective online learning.

We provide students and graduates with access to corporate-level learning materials, senior managers and recruiters at some of the UK’s biggest companies, self-development strategies and professional accreditation they currently do not receive.

Employability MicroLearning Modules

MicroLearning is an increasingly important and popular education tool. An innovative way of delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts, allowing for complex topics and ideas to be discussed and understood in bite-size chunks. Learners are in control of training content and when and where this learning takes place. Video rich, interactive content. Perfect for the millennial generation.

We received fantastic feedback on our prototype module from both HEIs and employers. We’d love to share this with you! To request some feedback testimonials, please email [email protected]

Employability Training Topics

Work Ready has undertaken substantial research in identifying the priority areas for developing student and graduate employability. The following courses have been selected by students, graduates and universities and will be ready for distribution in October 2016:

Leadership, Communication, Job Hunting, Resilience, Personal Branding, Confidence and First Year.

On Campus Skills Sessions

We deliver free skills development sessions on campus at over 55 UK universities. Our sessions are devised and delivered by specialist corporate trainers and feature interactive voting, self-development strategies, interviews with senior managers at some of the UK’s biggest companies and group activities.

Our Partners

Work Ready is supported by a range of fantastic partners operating across a wide variety of sectors. To find out more information or to become one of our partners, call us today on 020 7622 9399.