Academic Departments

At Work Ready we aim to narrow the skills gap in the marketplace and improve the confidence and work-readiness of students. We do this by creating online, accredited training modules which are all video-based and interactive.

We focus on ‘soft skills’ such as leadership, resilience, communication skills, confidence and personal branding.

Our modules provide students with strategies for developing these core traits. Modules are video based and interactive, featuring content written by corporate trainers, interviews with senior managers at companies such as Facebook, Disney and LinkedIn and interactive quizzing. All modules are CPD accredited, meaning students receive certification upon completion of a module.

We work with many academic departments across the UK to provide our skills training completely free of charge to both the university and students.

If you’d like to find out more, please do give us a ring on 020 7622 9399 or fill out our contact form today!