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At Work Ready we aim to narrow the much-documented skills gap in the marketplace by providing a unique form of skills training to students at UK universities.

We create accredited, online modules each focusing on a ‘soft skill’ employers look for in their hires. These modules are video based and interactive, featuring content written by corporate trainers, interviews with senior managers at companies such as Facebook, Disney and LinkedIn and interactive quizzing. All modules are CPD accredited, meaning students receive certification upon completion of a module.

We work with careers services across the UK to provide our skills training completely free of charge to both the university and students. Please see below to find out about the modules available to your students. If you’d like to find out more, please do give us a ring on 020 7622 9399 or fill out our contact form today!

Modules Available to Careers Services For Free


Our #FirstYear module is aimed at students starting their university journey. It aims to help them settle into university life, to inform them about the different services available to them and to start their employability journey form day one.

Written by corporate trainers and featuring interviews from companies such as Centrica, EY, BBH and many more this module is a fantastic, accredited way for students to learn key skills such as resilience, the ways they can develop confidence, the importance of ‘soft skills’ and employability, as well as the services and opportunities available to them on campus.

To find out more about this module, please call us today or check out the #FirstYear module here. 


Our #JobHunting module is relevant to students at all stages of their university career. It is the perfect guide for students looking to gain a summer job, insight program, internship or graduate scheme.

Covering topics such as goal setting, how to write a compelling CV, excel at interviews and perform at assessment centres, our #JobHunting module provides a comprehensive guide to enable students to secure their dream roles.

Featuring interviews from companies such as Capgemini, L’Oreal, LinkedIn and the Civil Service, this module provides core skills training and accredited certification.

To find out more about the module, please call 020 7622 9399 or click here to view the course.