First Year at Uni Part 5: Classic University Characters


Meeting new people can be very interesting as each person has distinct traits. This can be even more noticeable in a buzzing university environment. Imagine you are living in the world of ‘Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs’ as you meet various individuals with clear distinctive traits (just like the dwarfs).

How would you differentiate between each one? Which one would you get along with more, which one are you like? Fret not as all will be made clear as I will be exploring these various characters (with my own distinctive flare) below discussing “the types of people you are guaranteed to meet at university” throughout.

At University you will meet… “The Crazy One”

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Whether you are going out with friends to your local hotspot or dancing the night away. You’ll be sure to encounter “The Crazy One”. Known to party and an avid giggler, this person certainly knows how to keep a good time going for longer. Be sure to stay around them when you’re feeling low or you have the Monday blues, as they’ll be sure to surprise you even more.

At University you will meet… “The super quiet one”

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Also known as “the bookworm” this person certainly likes to be in his or hers’ own company. However don’t be surprised if they let loose on the rare occasion. Whether that’s their favorite song coming on in a club or their favorite drink being passed onto them. Although very quiet they still know how to have a good time in their own way.

At University you will meet… “The sensible one”

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 This person is someone you’ll be sure to see around. They are always on time, patient and pragmatic. Although they may shy away from public outings they rely more on home comforts and may even be a sucker for sweet things, citing baking as their no.1 pass-time alongside studying, family time and reading.

At University you will meet… “The smooth talking one”

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 Slick, cool, edgy and in the know. The smooth talking one always knows what to say no matter what the subject matter. Even if they are not familiar with politics or current affairs they’ll still make you listen to what ever they’d be saying. Further making themselves stand out by their sheer style and coolness, making you remember them as opposed to forgetting about them way too easily.

At University you will meet… “The loveable rogue”

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 If they could hand out a rose to each person they’d set their eye on, they’d probably be buried under a bunch of them. Playful, flirty, funny and slick, this person is certainly one, which will make your heart, beat very quickly. Just be sure to see through their bluff, as they may have a tendency to say “you’re the one” too many times.

At University you will meet… “The Sleepy One”

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 A sheer lover of sleep, they are extremely accustomed to lazy days. However can be active when they need to be. For example catching the bus for lectures, or running just a little bit faster than normal in order to make it on time. They are also a big fan of the snooze button, thus will use it at every opportunity before waking up much later than planned (on purpose though they may not always admit it).

At University you will meet… “The Late One”

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 Most likely comfortable with hanging out with “the sleepy ones”, these individuals are always late. Whether it’s being late to their friend’s house party or being late for lectures. Most likely they have tried to be punctual but being late suite them best as it makes them most active as if they weren’t they’d be way to punctual (so they say).


At University you will meet… “The Mother Hen”

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Finally, there is the mother hen. Brimming with positivity and care. They are the ones to always keep the group together. Making sure everyone has their bearings and is happy in continuing on with every venture. Be sure to look out for their key time management skills and impromptu food giveaways, as they are the one in the group that would most likely bring a lot of snacks for you in the morning to wake you up, or even distribute sweet treats during a lunch break etc.

So by now, you have come to terms with some of the various characters you’ll meet at University. Whether you have some in your group or if you are yet to meet any of them be sure to look out for any of the signs (listed above). You never know you may even possess some of the characteristics yourself!

Have I missed any out? Please comment below some of your own.


Written by Ashish Patel


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