Five mistakes we all make when we start University.


1. Easy A

Nothing comes ‘easy’ in life. This is an ongoing life lesson, we all continue to learn in every aspect in our life. It takes hard work & persistence to meet any goal you have in this one & only life. I’ve defiantly learnt this lesson at the beginning & throughout my degree. I remember getting my grade back for the first essay I had submitted. And to my horror I got a U! I felt very disheartened and questioned if I had chosen the right course. However, after my irrational moment, I came to my rational senses. I paid attention to my lecturer’s comments & took action, and soon those U’s turned into 2:2’s and then gradually 2:1’s. So, don’t be disheartened by a bad grade. University is an institution, to learn your craft. Without mistakes or errors how else are you going to learn & succeed?


2. Billy no mates

The first couple of weeks of first year is very overwhelming for each & every student. Everyone is still trying to navigate around the unfamiliar grounds of campus and everyone is just as nervous as you are! So, don’t fear if you haven’t made any friends yet. And please don’t make the mistake of trying so hard to make friends. The key really is just to really be yourself. Before you know it, you will find yourself making a new friend by just standing around waiting to enter your lecture room. Also, universities offer a lot of social events, so get attending whether you’re shy, its great opportunity to really get out of your shell.


3. Don’t have high expectations

There is no harm in having some type of expectation of how you pictured your university course to be. Although don’t let that imagination get the better of you, otherwise you will be very disappointed. It’s advisable when entering any unknown territory, to enter with and open mind and to ‘go with the flow.’ This will make it easier for you to make a more rational judgment/ decision.


4. Times flies

Whether it be 2, 3, 4 years. Your time at university will pass you by, in a blink of an eye. I can’t stress enough; how important it is to really invest yourself within the course you are studying & university life in general. Because I can assure as much as you can’t wait for university to be over and to get started in landing your dream job. During those tiresome moments of job interviews and applying for jobs. You will find yourself in moments of nostalgia, of really how easy and wonderful student life really was. Which complies with my last point.


5. University will guarantee me my dream job

Life doesn’t always plan out the way you planned it. Having a degree is most defiantly a great tool and advantage in helping you with getting a job in your desired field. Although it doesn’t mean it guarantees you to instantly get a job, once you are fresh out of university. Your education doesn’t equal experience, it equals knowledge. That is why it is vital during your time at university to gain paid/unpaid work experience in your field. As it will better your chance of getting you employed into your desired field. If you haven’t really managed to get much work experience during your time at university, it’s not too late. Be open to taking on any type of work experience relevant to your field, paid or unpaid. Because this demonstrates to employers, that you are proactive and actually have some form of relevant experience. Remember persistence is key, so keep on applying as well as doing things relevant to your desired job, that you can add to your C.V.


Written By, Vanessa Rodrigues.



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