How to Smash an Interview



Interviews can be nerve-wrecking whether it is your first or your tenth but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. You can ace an interview if you really want to and here are five top tips on how to do so.

1. Do your research

When you know you’ve secured an interview, it’s time for you to start doing research! I once had an interview where I was asked about the name of the company and what it meant plus, what it stood for. Luckily, I had done some research the day before so I was fully prepared for their questions. Even if you don’t know everything about the company, you should at least know enough so that you’re not underprepared.

2. What about the dress code?

When it comes to what to wear, this can be tricky sometimes especially if you’re already nervous. However, it’s ok! If you’re really uncertain just dress smart and wear something comfortable; no point going to an interview uncomfortable and nervous.


3. Ask questions

During your interview don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most times there’s a point during the interview when you’re asked if you have any questions; don’t be afraid to say yes. It can be hard to be the first person to ask a question but it’ll show that you’re taking initiative and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


4. Be enthusiastic

This goes without saying. Be enthusiastic about the job position and be confident. Nobody is going to hire someone who looks like they don’t want to be there.


5. Relax

There’s no point in being nervous, jittery and sweating it out. Breathe! You’ll be fine. You just need to be yourself and you’ll be fine.

When it comes to interviews, the best thing to do is be yourself! Don’t be afraid, if you’re relaxed it’ll make a whole lot of a difference.


Written by Lara Owolabi


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