How to spend time wisely?


Time is a crucial factor at university; but it cannot be kept at bay. The more it goes, the more it’s gone, the more it takes away. But that does not mean time cannot be managed and spent wisely. Here are a few tips to how one can utilize their precious time wisely:

Valuing time and the best time for different tasks 

A student should distribute the hours of the night and day and value the reminder of their life, since no price can be put on those moments. The best time to memorise is dawn. The best time to research is the earl morning. The middle of the day is the best time to write. And the best time for revision is the evening.





NOTE: the best place to memorise is in rooms and any place away from distractions, information seeps in better. 


Sticking to a single methodology in the beginning 

Refrain from delving into technicalities of the subject-by reading different books on the subject at hand. This will only confuse and perplex one, rather master the book that has been prescribed and is being taught by the lecturer, until you have mastered it. Give preference to the most essential knowledge followed by the next most essential.


Confirming and correcting what is memorised 

A student should confirm that what they are reading is absolutely correct before memorising it, either with the teacher or someone else who assists him. The one should memorise it as well as possible, repeat it often and commit to specific time for memorisations because one can fall into errors or mistakes.


Studying detailed commentaries after the treatise

If a student has understood the treaties they have memorised and have grasped their ambiguities and important benefits, then one can move to extensive commentaries, as well as reviewing incessantly. Don’t find content in just listening to useful lessons rather, rush to noting it down and memorising it.


Interacting with peers 

It does not suffice in just listening to lectures, but make sure to take notes and pass on whatever is covered in lesson. If possible share the knowledge with classmates, this is attitude of the zealous! If you are unable to retain everything mentioned in the lecture then at least memories the important points to the lecture. Review, review and review. Review the lesson soon as possible before the mind is divided. If you can find a classmate then review the lesson with yourself, by repeating key points and keywords so that they may become embedded in the mind.

Hope this helps, even a little.


Written By Halima Khatun



J.Al-Kinani, ‘Etiquette of the learner’ (2015), Turath Publishing, London


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