Just What Does The Apprenticeship Levy Mean to Me?


Maybe like me, before embarking on writing this article, you are unsure what the apprenticeship levy is? Or what it means to you? Well worry not, I have done most of the hard work for you. All the painstaking research is done. Now all you have to do is read this article, find an apprenticeship that suits you and apply.


The apprenticeship levy introduced April 2017 by the government is a compulsory tax on employers to help fund the development and delivery of apprenticeships.As well as improving existing ones.


So how does it work you ask? Employers or businesses fall into two groups [levy payers and none levy payers]. With levy payers being companies that have a pay bill over 3 million are required to pay the levy and ones with a pay bill of under 3 million are not required to pay the levy . The levy takes off 0.5 per cent of an employers wage bill and puts it aside in a kind of reserve which is controlled by the government. This money can only be used for apprenticeship schemes by the company.


Most importantly it is a tax on companies which will provide funding for apprenticeships so it will benefit you! The young people of this beautiful country. As job hunting becomes more competitive by the day it is a good thing that government and businesses are investing money into ensuring that young people get this much needed work experience. So now regardless of your financial background you are more likely to find an apprenticeship that suits you because of the levy.These days it is no longer just about your grades, employers want candidates to be experienced. Which puts most young people in a difficult position. Sometimes you may have the right grades but no experience and the apprenticeship levy helps you gain this much needed experience.


This is because the levy will eventually lead to a lot more apprenticeship being created country wide, in different fields offering you, a different alternatives to university. The fact that these opportunities are going to be created country wide means that opportunities will no long be saturated in the big cities like London. With the apprenticeship levy in full effect you will no longer have to settle for the traditional apprenticeships roles such as plumbing, electrical work and other manual labour jobs. More apprenticeships will be created in a variety of fields such as journalism, advertising, accounting and law.

This is because the apprenticeship levy, makes it possible for companies to offer a wide range of apprenticeships, by setting aside the money needed to do so.


Apprenticeships can open doors for you, it can offer a path way into careers you may have never thought possible to get into. I myself have been offered an apprenticeship in an industry I never thought I could get into and I know this is going to give my CV that much needed boost of experience it needs to land me that perfect role.


Let me end by saying the apprenticeship levy is a wonderful policy by the government, which I believe you as a young person should take advantage of .


Written by Itayi Mushambadope


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