Preparation for Graduation

Graduation day is one of the most exciting days in your life but it can also be a nerve wracking experience. It’s hard really to know what to say or do on the day if you haven’t experienced it before.


The thought of walking onto a stage while a thousand people watch you can be scary. At my graduation, the girl I set next to started having a panic attacks because she couldn’t stop thinking about how she might fall. I reassured her that it’s was okay to be nervous, she had worked hard enough to deserve the cheers and applause of family, friends and people in the crowd.


Guess what happened when she walked on stage? No she didn’t fall, she walked gracefully on stage and accepted her award. So one key thing I suggested you do is to try and clam down, relax this is your day, you are the star of the show.  So before the big day practice accepting your award with a smile.


You should also try and get enough sleep before the big day, I find that I am more anxious when I haven’t had enough sleep. So a full 7 hours sleep is needed as you will feel happier and fully rested, you will need to be able to smile through out the whole day, your family and friends are going to want to take loads of pictures.



With pictures in mind make sure you have a phone or camera that’s fully charged.


It goes with out saying that returning university property and paying outstanding fees is a must. So look through you stuff check for any outstanding university property. Library books are the most common items, so check online or with the appropriate offices on campus if you have any outstanding payments.


Order you rob and gown, my advice is to do it as quickly as possible so is  out of the way because the weeks coming up to your  graduation can be crazy. As soon as your graduation tickets are available order them and make sure you know who exactly you want to invite to your big day and give them enough information about your big day, so they can book a day of work if they need to and also make their own preparations.


Checking the ceremony agenda is another thing that should be on your list. Make sure you know the schedule, know what time you need to be on site and plan your arrival early. Also check what time your guest should arrive and give them a detailed plan of the schedule.


Most university require you to dress how you would for an interview which fitting as you will be graduating into the working world. For most university the dress code is business casual, make sure it’s something you are comfortable in, as you will spend most of you wearing those clothes. You should also give yourself plenty of time to prepare as you don’t want to be rushing, you want to carry on that relaxed vibe I first talked about.


The most important thing to remember is to smile, be happy live in the glorious moment that is your graduation.






Written by Itayi Mushambadope



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