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A must-take course that provides both key employability and life skills. Expert advice that delivers instant impact within this crucial area.

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Confidence affects everything we do, the ways in which we act, think, speak and view ourselves. Ensuring that your beliefs and your internal dialogue are primed and aligned with success is a huge part of helping you to find the perfect job for you, experience high levels of success once you are working and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Work Ready Graduates is delighted to be able to bring you our innovative micro-learning module covering this fascinating subject. Our #Confidence module contains five chapters that combine specialist trainer knowledge and experience with interviews with some of the UK’s leading companies.

We introduce you to the power of confidence, help you to understand how your views impact upon your success and identify the beliefs that work in your favour and those that hinder you. You also learn how to ‘reprogram’ your brain to improve your employability and chances of securing your dream role.

The module is also CPD accredited, meaning you will receive professional certification upon completion.

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