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Partnering with Work Ready Graduates

We believe that students deserve as much support as possible in ensuring they get a satisfactory return on the considerable investment that gaining a degree entails.

We provide this support through online, accredited employability training which focuses on developing the skills students need to secure employment and thrive within their chosen careers.

We work with a selected number of recruiting partners who wish to target large or specific groups of students and graduates in a more personalised and productive format than traditional job boards are able to offer. We are unique within the graduate recruitment marketplace due to the way we work with students across the UK.

Align your recruitment message with this experience and generate a rich pool of motivated, proactive and informed candidates.

Our Services for Employers


Microlearning is video rich interactive training that is delivered in short bursts. This format is the number one preference for the many students and graduates and therefore we believe their employability training should be provided accordingly.

Work Ready conducted an in-depth research survey comprising of over 4500 students and graduates to investigate the key employability requirements and the findings of this research helped to determine our selected learning topic. Our portfolio can be found within the Our Courses section of this website.

All of our microlearning courses contain a mixture of trainer videos, animation, quizzes and employer interviews, all designed to provide user friendly key information that enables graduates to build their employability skills and get the best possible start to their careers.


Work Ready offers companies a range of sponsorship opportunities across all or our employability modules in order to receive unique recruitment and branding benefits. The flexible nature of our learning platform enables us to insert recruitment and corporate advertising, bespoke quizzing and videos, application forms and much, much more.

We can target by graduates by diversity groups, course, year and institution and offer both local and national targeting ensuring that whatever scope of targeting you are looking for we can offer a unique solution.

Align your brand and recruitment proposition with learning content and achieve better engagement and application levels.


We work in partnership with over 300 of the leading student societies across UK universities, providing their members with free, career enhancing, employability skills training. For many of these societies, we produce bespoke employability hubs that are used by their members for all things career focused, from skills training to job feeds. You can view some of the hubs by clicking here.

We offer exclusive sponsorship opportunities for companies looking to target niche societies, providing unique access to in-demand graduate audience through a requested and much valued service.

Have a look at the video on the right to hear a little bit of feedback from some of our society partners.

To find out more about the ways we can help you reach and convert a wider pool of career-focused students and graduates, contact us today.