Skills I’ll likely need for Internships/Apprenticeships


Before you even apply for internships or apprenticeships you worry about whether you have the experience or if you know enough about what you’re applying for but most times there’s nothing to worry about and it’s ok if you don’t have experience; they’ll still want you!


One of the first things to take into consideration is the type of internships or apprenticeships you are applying for and if it’s related to what you’re studying. If it is then you’re already in the lead because it means you want to learn more about the sector you’re studying and you want to gain ‘out of school’ experience.


1. Confidence

If you’re confident then you can just enhance the skills that you do have and sell them. You don’t have to worry about gaining new skills to apply.


2. Computer Skills

Most placements require computer skills, even if it’s just basic Microsoft Office, and it will help to push you in front of those that don’t have this skill.


3. Team Player

One of the major things about placements is being a team player, you can’t do everything on your own and it is ok to ask for help. Being a team player means you can work in a group and you’re ok with taking instructions from someone else.

4. Initiative

Being able to carry out tasks without someone telling you what to do is key. It means that you’re independent and your superiors don’t need to baby you but they can leave you to carry out work on your own. It also means that you know how to start tasks without always asking what’s next; being able to know what to do shows that you’re taking initiative.


5. Organisation

Imagine working with someone and they’re messy with stuff everywhere, would you be able to work in that environment? Probably not and neither would you want to be that person so it’s best to make sure your area is tidy and you are a tidy worker.







6. Working well under time constraint and pressure

This is a major skill that I recommend everyone to have. Being able to work under pressure means that you don’t allow stress to get to you and you’re able to work to your fullest potential even when there is a huge workload to carry; a lot of companies will appreciate this.

These are just some of the skills needed, there are so many but the key thing to remember is that as long as you have the basic skills you’ll be fine! Everything will fall into place.


Written by Lara Owolabi


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