Student Societies

We’re on a mission to improve the skill sets and employability of students and graduates in order to give them the competitive advantage in their future careers. We do this by partnering with student societies through our Gold and Platinum Packages which are delivered free of charge!


Our Platinum Package offers societies skills sessions throughout the academic year, as well as free downloads of our microlearning modules for your members.

This employability training is an attractive draw for new members, provides a great return for existing members and offers specialised skills training to enable them to secure placements, internships and graduate schemes. It allows them to hear from and meet a wide variety of employers and specialist trainers, providing first-hand advice to secure employment and climb the career ladder.

Moreover, our modules are all video-based and accessible online which means members can access the content whenever and wherever they may be.


Our Gold Package covers microlearning modules only. We would distribute a module of your choice to your members and then future modules throughout the academic year. This option enables members to develop their skills and hear from a wide range of employers as and when they choose, without the need to attend multiple lectures. It’s also a simple, free way to engage with your members and provide an invaluable return on their membership fee.

To become a society partner or to find out more about the microlearning modules and skills sessions we have on offer, contact us today.

020 7622 9399