Student Societies

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to improve the skill sets and employability of students and graduates in order to give them the competitive advantage in their future careers. We do this by focusing on the ‘soft skills’ which our corporate partners and key industry bodies have identified as being most lacking in candidates. These skills include leadership, resilience, communication skills, networking and assertiveness.

Our training is delivered online via our interactive, accredited modules which are designed and delivered by corporate trainers. These are offered to our society partners completely free of charge.

We work with over 250 student societies to provide key skills training to their members. To become a society partner, call us today on 020 7622 9399 or fill out the contact form on our website.

How We Work With Societies

Free Employability Micro Sites

We create employability micro sites for our society partners completely free of charge. These sites are bespoke to your society and feature your logo, branding, colour scheme, social media feeds and even a welcome video or message from the committee.

The micro sites feature all of our accredited, online modules with a new module released for free to members each month. They also feature interviews with senior managers across industries at companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, EY, Disney and many more. The micro sites include articles from our dedicated team of writers, the latest job opportunities from partners and a revenue stream for the society.

We produce these sites completely free of charge to the society with the modules free of charge for members.

To find out more about our employability hubs and the ways in which your society can both generate revenue and deliver core skills training, contact our team today!

Free Monthly Modules

If you don’t wish to have a bespoke employability hub created for your society but want to offer our key online skills training, our monthly module plan is for you!

Each month we distribute a new module to our network of society partners completely free of charge. We provide the advertisement blurbs for both email and social media channels, along side any marketing materials you would like. All we ask is that the materials are shared with members so they can take advantage of this key skills training and get ahead of the competition.

Members then have a month to register their interest in the module and 12 months to complete it.

If you’d like to find out more about our monthly module plan or to sign your society up, please contact our team today!