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As a university student I know full well pressure and stress that comes hand in hand with a degree. Ask any university student and you’ll find that this is often unavoidable. However, something I have learnt in my time as a student, is that there are many different ways to handle the pressure you may feel!


1. Be organised

If there is one thing I’ve learnt over the years, it’s that if you are organised, you are less likely to feel under pressure. Of course this is not to say that you will never feel the pressure of looming deadlines, but keeping a diary of all of your hand in dates, lecture times and mapping out a plan of study to ensure you spend equal time on all of your modules, will keep you on track and up to date.


2. Ask questions

As daunting as it may seem, raising your hand in a lecture or seminar to ask a question is extremely beneficial and will help you handle pressure with work. An unknown answer can often be the root of pressure; however, you can easily demolish this. You will more than likely find that you were not the only person wanting the answer and so whilst helping yourself, you’ll also be helping others.

3. Prioritise your time

Between university work, social time and a part time job you’ll find that hours easily add up and you’ll often find yourself needing more than 24 hours in a day! Prioritising your time to the things that need doing first and foremost will help you stay somewhat calm. As deadlines approach, make a list of tasks that can be classed as quick wins and tasks that need more time. Completing the quick wins will help remove the pressure of smaller tasks, giving you more free time to ensure everything else is done. If you know what days you work (if you have a part time job) you can fill in university work and social time around working days and days in university.


4. Talk to someone

Whether it’s a friend, course mate, tutor or family member, talking to someone about the pressure you feel will help to lift a weight off your shoulder. Talking to course mates, you’ll often find that you aren’t the only one feeling under pressure and that others feel exactly how you do. Knowing this, you can work together and help each other beat the pressure. Talking to a family member or friend will often find you advice, whilst talking to a tutor will help enormously as they will be able to guide you and point you in the right direction.


5. Enjoy yourself

Whether we realise it or not, we are actually the biggest cause of the pressure we feel. Student life can be overwhelming at times and quite often we will give ourselves a to-do list longer than our arms. What we need to remember is that university should be enjoyed too. Joining a society, going out with friends or doing

something we truly love, will help relieve a lot of the pressure we put ourselves under.



Written By Rebekah Litherland


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