What Would I Tell my Younger Self?


Dear younger, ‘sixth- former self’,


Now that I’ve reached my third and final year at university I’ve been thinking a lot about what life was like just a few years ago and how much has changed since then. Looking back to sixth form, which, in reality, was only a few years ago, seems like whole world away. I remember stressing immensely over things, that now, I’d know how to cope with and conquer so much more easily.


They say that with age, comes wisdom, and I’m not saying I’m an old and wise guru now. Not by any means, although I do have a very a pair of ‘granny- slippers’ by my front door. But in all seriousness, I do feel as though I’ve learnt a lot over these past few years that’s made me question why I was worrying about such simple things when I was younger. I can now look back and think what I would tell myself back when I was in sixth-form.


I remember spending a lot of time worrying about university applications and the fear of not getting in. Too much time in fact. I now realize that time worrying and stressing didn’t help me at all. There’s always a lot of support and guidance within your sixth forms and colleges that are there to help you with uni applications and they really know their stuff. If you speak to them about setting realistic goals and let them help you with that looming personal statement you’ll allow yourself so much more time to work hard and focus on doing well to actually secure your place at your chosen university.


During my time, as sixth former in college, I remember wanting to perfect every single thing and whilst I’m not saying you shouldn’t put a lot of time and effort into your studies if you want to succeed. I’d just like to say… remember to live the life you’ve been given and enjoy it. Yes work hard, yes push yourself and feel rewarded for it. But also say yes to having fun, yes to trying new things and yes to enjoying yourself as much as you can!


Make sure you make the most out of every little thing you can, because before you know it, four years will have gone by and a lot of things will now be different. You’ll want to be able to look back on those years and think of all the great things you did, the people you spent your time with and the memories you made. It’s not the times you spend worrying over essays or the fearing of deadlines that will stick in your mind years into the future. But those things that made you laugh or made you cry, the people you met that impacted your life, and the ones that helped you to shape it. The meaningful things, they are the worthwhile ones.


I would advise you to look to the future with hope and optimism rather than fear and anticipation. The future is bright for you, I know it. By keeping positive you’ll make yourself all that much happier and when you get here, younger self, you’ll be able to look back and see exactly what I mean.

All the best,

The older, some- what wiser, version of you.


Written by Charlotte Bennett


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